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Mississippi State University is in the process of updating its campus master plan, and we are excited about your participation in this endeavor.

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2003 - Current
Mississippi State - 2003
  • The current master plan was adopted in 2003

  • Developed by Jackson-based Foil-Wyatt Architects & Planners, PLLC

  • Plan provides guidelines for orderly growth and development of campus

  • Providing a pedestrian-friendly experience is a priority

  • Plan allows flexibility and a vision for the future to influence decisions about road and street development, building site selection, and expansion of the utility and I.T. infrastructure
If you have a question about the current campus master plan, please send it to us.
Colvard Student Union Old Main Plaza The Junction Zacharias Village
Mississippi State - 1995
  • The expansion and renovation of Mitchell Memorial Library started in 1992 nears completion

  • A tiling project closes Humphrey Coliseum’s outer concourse to walkers during the facility’s first facelift since it was built in the 1970s

  • Chadwick Lake is drained for maintenance and improvements to make way for the $19-million Sanderson Center indoor recreation complex

  • Construction of the Bryan Athletic Administration Building is completed

  • More than 20 parking meters are installed along Lee Boulevard to allow open, short-term parking for The University Florist, State Fountain, and other offices

Source: MSU Memo archives, http://www.msstate.edu/web/employees/search.php

Bike Pathway Bryan Building Northern Entrance Road Sanderson Center
Mississippi State - 1970
  • A new athletic dorm, McArthur Hall, is dedicated Oct. 10, 1970, and the old dormitory in Memorial Hall is turned over to Continuing Education

  • The 1970s saw construction of a number of iconic campus buildings, including Allen Hall, McCool Hall, Cobb Institute of Archaeology Building, and Humphrey Coliseum

  • MSU Physical Plant Department develops an energy consumption manual in response to the national energy crisis

  • The decade sees the university purchase the old Buck Creek Cotton Mill, now known as the Cooley Building and home to Facilities Management

  • December 1977, a new four-laned Highway 82 opens between Starkville and Columbus

Primary Source: "People's University: The Centennial History of Mississippi State"

Dudy Noble Field Humphrey Coliseum Humphrey Coliseum
Mississippi State - 1950
  • The campus continued to change through the challenges of the World War II years and the opportunities of the post-war return of thousands of soldiers and sailors and the expansion of higher education

  • The late '40s and 1950s saw the establishment of a unified plant maintenance department serving the entire campus, construction of sidewalks and curbs, and the paving of many streets

  • Campus landscaping was reworked “amid a mighty hewing down of trees, rooting up of ancient shrubbery, and the felling of dilapidated outhouses”

  • A master plan for future campus improvements was drafted

  • On October 24, 1950, six new buildings were dedicated: the new library, the agricultural engineering building, Patterson engineering laboratories, Garner Hall (then a dormitory), the physical education building, and the dairy building (Herzer Hall)

  • The Mississippi State campus changed forever when Old Main dormitory burned Jan. 23, 1959. The massive structure housed 1,500 at one time

Primary Source: "People's University: The Centennial History of Mississippi State"

Aerial View 1946 Aerial View 1948 Aerial View 1949 Aerial View 1952 Aerial View 1953 Old Main Dormitory
Mississippi State - 1934
  • This illustration shows significant campus growth through the 1920s and into the '30s in spite of the financial plight of the state and the Depression years

  • The college received its first accreditation by the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools in 1926

  • After a delay in the mid-'20s, the buildings program was revived in 1927

  • Construction of a system of concrete drives on campus started in 1928

  • The Great Depression dealt a blow to academic life and saw the deterioration of the physical plant and grounds because of the dire financial situation

  • In 1932, the Legislature renamed A&M as Mississippi State College

  • The mid 1930s saw construction and repair work return to campus as federal funds from the New Deal became available

Primary Source: "People's University: The Centennial History of Mississippi State"

Campus 1930s Campus 1930s Aerial View 1938 Aerial View 1930s
Mississippi State - 1918
  • A worldwide influenza pandemic and the end of World War I marked 1918

  • This image illustrates a changing campus footprint as the country raced into the Roaring Twenties

  • Carpenter Hall and the new dormitory (the northeast wing of Old Main) were completed during the war years, along with the iconic Y.M.C.A. building

  • A major improvement to the grounds took place in 1913 with the construction of sidewalks on campus

Primary Source: "People's University: The Centennial History of Mississippi State"

Campus 1920 Biology Building 1920s Drill Field 1920s Panoramic View 1920s
Mississippi State - 1885
  • The Agricultural and Mechanical College of the State of Mississippi opened its doors to students in the fall of 1880

  • Created in 1878 by an act of the Legislature

  • The Alumni Association was founded June 17, 1885, by the first three graduating classes

  • The campus footprint of the 1880s included the original academic building, as well as the first dormitory, a mess hall, hospital, home for the president, and two-story chemical laboratory building, among others

  • Landscaping the early campus moved at a slow pace

Primary Source: "People's University: The Centennial History of Mississippi State"

MSU Class of 1883 MSU Class of 1883 35 Year Reunion Old Main at MSU, 1882-1883

Message from the Campus Planning Committee

Message from the Committee

We want this website to be a resource for you and other campus and community constituencies as the campus planning process moves forward. Please explore the site and send your questions and comments to rbaker@physplant.msstate.edu regarding web site data. Please visit our feedback page for any comments related to the Campus Master Plan.
-- Campus Master Planning and Development Advisory Committee

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